Sunday, November 13, 2011

y u mad bro

For some reason, the redundant Obama stickers angered the mouthbreathing homeless methheads of Mesa.  You want i should be spreading Santorum instead? (Unless the equality sticker is what ANGARed him)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tales from SEMA

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I found the lair.

Tales from SEMA

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This guy forgot to wash his hands after emailing a picture of his pissing cock to his lover Fabio.  Or his confidential Italian secretary.  Tomato, tomahto.

Dear Craigslist

Lincoln Continental Town Coupe
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Bring this bitch to Phoenixand I'll write a check

Fredo Wang, Travelin' Man

Dilaudid, STAT!  Wait, Clorox enema

Smokin' blunts and rollin' dirty

Wake the fuck up or I will throw chairs at you
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Come on, Craigslist

Don't Let Me Down

VegaS.  wHAT THE FUCK?  Bring this to Phoenix and sell it to me.

Sunrise at the casino

means it's time to walk home.